Picking the Right Flowers for your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the ways of showing off your personal tastes and there is no better way to make a statement than by the use of FLOWERS!! Flowers are among one of the things that most of the weddings in the world incorporate because they tend to act as a symbol of love. Flowers represent a couple’s personal taste and thus will influence the tone of a wedding.

When selecting wedding flowers, couples should take some aspects into consideration.

  • Do your due diligence: When picking your florist, conduct proper and serious interviews that will help you get what exactly you are looking for. If they can’t see your vision, then they will not be able to execute it.
  • The season: Pick flowers that are suitable for the season that your wedding will be happening. Flowers that are in season are more affordable than asking the vendors to look everywhere for a flower that doesn’t bloom at that time. The effort to get it for you will cost you a high price.


  • Current wedding trends: Florists are moving from past traditional floral arrangements and they are creating styles that make weddings more unique. The right flower arrangement can personalize weddings in a unique way. Some couples are using the Wedding bouquet to enhance the bride’s beauty whereas others come up with corsages for their bridesmaids. You can check out here, Wedding Bouquets outside the box!


  • The Wedding theme: This can be a daunting task for the couple, but hiring an expert florist can help them deal with this task. An expert can be able to create a unique arrangement for their wedding just by listening to their tastes and preferences.
  • Make it personal: It is as simple as selecting your flowers for a specific reason.


  • Have examples: Just like you will go to your tailor with fabric swatches for your bridesmaid’s dresses, then it is also important to have some samples that will help in briefing your florist.
  • Budget: Let your florist know how much exactly she is working with so as to understand how lavish it can or can’t get.


The main issue is getting the right florist, one that is done then the flowers issue will just fall into place! Looking for a great Florist for your Wedding? Bridal Heaven Kenya is here for you!!

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A Day-Of Coordinator and why you need one

Planning for a wedding can be a very daunting task, what with all the decisions that have to be made and executed. Creating something that is only in your mind and being able to make it a tangible reality requires a lot of time and effort. After all has been said and done and the big day is finally here, how do you ensure that all you have planned for is actually executed? That is where a Day-Of Coordinator comes in. For those who went with a Wedding planner from the start, then the wedding planner will be the coordinator. If a couple opted out for the wedding planner then a Day-Of Coordinator will truly come in handy.

When people see the term “Day-Of Coordinator”, they think that the term is self-explanatory. To some point it actually is but in reality, the coordinators job will stretch beyond the ‘Day-Of’. The coordinators job will actually start a month or around six weeks to the wedding day. This because they will have to meet with a couples vendors and the rest of the team that is working to make the special day happen. Meeting with the vendors helps in familiarization and essentially creating a working rapport.

The first thing the Coordinator will start working on is creating a timeline for the big day. This will be done with the consultation of the vendors involved to ensure that everything goes on without a hitch. Since the Day of Coordinator is not acting in the capacity of a planner, it means they cannot vouch for the professionalism of the vendors that the couple has already selected. This means that the couple should not blame any hitches that occur due to a vendor’s negligence on the Coordinator. This is clearly quoted in the Day-Of Contract that is signed before the partnership.  The couple should also be able to let all vendors know that the coordinators job is to streamline everything and thus work willingly with them.

On the Day of the wedding, the Coordinator will make sure that everyone is following according to the set timeline, and that is everything is flowing smoothly. In short, the Coordinator acts as a point person between the venue, the vendors and even the guests. The idea is that no one bothers the couple with questions because the coordinator can handle it.

Remember, a Day-Of Coordinator is also an affordable alternative to a full service wedding planner, and something that all couples should definitely consider.

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Wedding Bouquets Outside The Box!!

Ever asked yourself why Brides carry a bouquet of flowers with them on their wedding day? One could try as say that it gives her something to do with her fidgety hands but the truth is that it is a tradition that has been passed down from older generations, albeit for the wrong reasons.

In the 15th Century, June was the month when most couples would have their weddings. This was because the Annual Bath day would be in May. Normally every household would have a big tub filled with hot water and the annual bath day would commence with a dip by the Man of the house, followed by any male members of the household, they would then be followed by the ladies of the house and lastly the babies in the house would take a dip. So by the time a wedding was taking place in June, the members would be relatively clean especially the head of the household who took the first dip. To ward off any ghastly scents, the bride carried a bouquet of flowers with her as a form of perfume. Crazy…right?

Back from the 15th century to modern days, Bouquets are more sentimental since women tend to associate flowers with affection especially if they are gifted by a loved one. Just as the Bouquets true meaning has changed, so have the bouquet designs changed over time.

If you are planning for your wedding, then think outside the box and go for a bouquet that not only speaks of the affection you share with your man but that also speaks volume on your personality. Check out these unique bouquet designs and let us know what you think about them and which one you would go for.

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Planning for your perfect wedding can be strenuous and very time consuming. This is why most couples opt to get a wedding planner. I once saw someone on social media ask why they need a wedding planner to help them plan THEIR own wedding, Key word here being THEIR wedding. I will not dwell on why you should get a wedding planner and on what to look for in one as you make your decision but for tips on that you can check out this past article, Wedding Planners: Their roles and what to look for in one.

Today, what I will be dwelling on is tips for those couples who are looking to plan their own wedding. At times due to financial constraints or because they are not too busy, a couple may decide to plan all the details of their wedding. How does one go about it? Here are some tips from a former bride.

  • Hire a Day-of Coordinator: If you are going down this road of planning your own wedding, then it means you have decided not to have a Wedding Planner. A Day-of Coordinator will be very important for coordinating everyone around on that special day. As a bride or groom you will not have the time to be up and down to be coordinating everyone and thus the importance of having someone do it for you and you only get to pay them for that one day.
  • Write down the Non-Negotiable things for your wedding: This are the kind of things that you will want in your wedding at all costs and you will not negotiate it at all costs. You can term them as your main priorities.
  • Food: For food the rule is to ensure that the food is good and that the food is enough. PERIOD
  • Pay people to do stuff that you don’t need to worry about: If you can pay someone to execute those little things that need to be done, then do it. Do not stress yourself trying to pull off some D-I-Y that will give you sleepless nights. If you have to, delegate tasks and avoid the unnecessary hassle.Plan1
  • Learn to say NO: If there are things that you do not want at your wedding, don’t let others force them down your throat. Say No and get to enjoy your day as you exactly want it. It is your day and it will only happen once so don’t let it get diverted to the wishes of others.
  • Try to find a balance between what is Trendy right not and what will be Classic forever: This is not easy but it is very important. Trends will come and go and what might look great now will not be the same a couple of years down the road. This is a day that you want to remember for the rest of your lives and if you can get that classic look for your wedding then it will immortalize that special day for the rest of your life.
  • Clean Up crew: Think beyond the wedding day to what will happen to the mess after the event. Some venues have crews who will do this as part of the venue package or for an extra fee. Ensure that you know what will happen afterwards so that you or your family are not stuck cleaning up after a long hectic day.
  • Lastly, Have fun: Be present in the moment. Eat with the guests. Dance to the music. Live in the moment and don’t let this special day zoom past you. ENJOY THE DAY!!

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When I was in campus and a certain club wanted to have an event, they would advertise their meeting on the notice board. The greatest catch-phrase that would not miss from that advertisement would be “Refreshments Available”. This would guarantee a massive event turn up even if the crowds motives were only stomach based!

In our African culture, we can all agree that food plays a major role in our unification. There is no serious event that will be held in the absence of food. Sitting down and eating together creates a sort of bond and the event ends up being a success. This is the truth even in Weddings. That is why getting the right caterer for your wedding is also very key to the success of your wedding. So how do you go about selecting the right caterer for your function?Food5

  1. First, Figure out your budget: Know what you are willing to spend. This informs you on the companies you can afford to hire and also helps caterers to tweak their proposals to your needs. This will also help you to operate from within your means.
  2. Pick suggestions from your venue: Some venues have a list of preferred caterers, which is a good place to start off from. This does NOT limit you to having to work with them.
  3. Scout around for multiple proposals: This will help you compare and contrast the cost, service and menu options. Be very specific in your demands. Let the caterer know the number of guests you are expecting and what theme your wedding will be taking.
  4. Enquire about Linens and dinnerware: Some caterers offer the food without the dinnerware and thus it is important to know about it before hand.
  5. Pay close attention to your interactions with them: How the caterers will treat you as a client is very important. They might offer great food but if they keep getting your event details wrong, or are slow in getting back to you then you can cross them off your list of vendors. Attention to detail is very key to getting a successful wedding.
  6. Arrange for tasting: If you have never had the caterer’s food before then try and plan for a tasting. If you know the caterers beforehand then you can skip the food tasting.
  7. Try and get reviews on the caterer: Before you sign the dotted line, talk to friends, family and previous clients who have used their services before. Get to know details of their services before you make that deposit.
  8. Sign the contract: After creating a final proposal, now you can sign the contract. This can be followed with a tasting of your full wedding menu as you expect it on the wedding day.

Finally, enjoy your food!

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The weather of late has been very unpredictable. At least in Kenya, it has been. One moment it is all blue and the sun is shining down on you strongly and then before you know it, the clouds rush in and all of a sudden you are running to look for shelter from the heavy downpour.

The good thing about the weather is that it is no respecter of persons or status and thus if it decides to rain or shine it does so to all around.

This also applies to the couples looking forward to having a grand wedding day in this wishy washy weather. It doesn’t necessarily mean that because the weather is undecided that you cannot come prepared to have a great day.

Usually when a couple plans for their wedding, they have an emergency plan for their guests just in case the weather decides to take an unexpected turn. But one thing they never prepare is their bridal party.

Yes! These are the people expected to be part of your great day yet, they are not adequately dressed for the weather. The ladies and the brides are usually the most affected since they work with the “Freeze & Shine Mentality”. By this I mean that they tend to think that for them to look awesome on that day, they cannot wear anything on top of the fancy wedding dresses.

The truth is that you do not need to dress down to look fab on your wedding day. What if I told you it is possible to dress up for your wedding day and still come out of that day looking like royalty? Still don’t believe me? Check out the following pictures for photographic evidence.

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Experience has always been the best teacher. That is why this last weekend I made a conscious decision to be a part of the Grand Wedding Expo which was held at the Thika Road Mall in the Convention Centre.

The Wedding industry, just like any other industry, is always on the move. The way weddings were conducted 20 years ago is not the same way they are done today. Everything is changing and as a wedding planner one of the ways to keep up with the ever changing trends is to visit such exhibitions, interact with different vendors and see different, new, out of the norm ways of planning a wedding.


It is also a great way of connecting and networking with vendors who I plan on working with in the near future.

Wedding expos are not only beneficial for Wedding planners but also for couples planning their weddings. In this specific expo, there was a couple who had a talk with the audience on Vows that Last. They narrated their 7 years married life to the audience and there were some lessons to be learnt from what they had already been through.

One of the other speakers was a gentleman from Centonomy 101. We all know that one of the things that break up most couples nowadays is finances. Thus it is very important for every couple to learn how to handle their finances right from the start and this will not only help reduce financial stress in the marriage but it will also help them in their wealth creation journey.


All in all it was a great learning experience for me and an eye opener to what I am looking forward to offering my clients now and in the days to come.


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