A Day-Of Coordinator and why you need one

Planning for a wedding can be a very daunting task, what with all the decisions that have to be made and executed. Creating something that is only in your mind and being able to make it a tangible reality requires a lot of time and effort. After all has been said and done and the big day is finally here, how do you ensure that all you have planned for is actually executed? That is where a Day-Of Coordinator comes in. For those who went with a Wedding planner from the start, then the wedding planner will be the coordinator. If a couple opted out for the wedding planner then a Day-Of Coordinator will truly come in handy.

When people see the term “Day-Of Coordinator”, they think that the term is self-explanatory. To some point it actually is but in reality, the coordinators job will stretch beyond the ‘Day-Of’. The coordinators job will actually start a month or around six weeks to the wedding day. This because they will have to meet with a couples vendors and the rest of the team that is working to make the special day happen. Meeting with the vendors helps in familiarization and essentially creating a working rapport.

The first thing the Coordinator will start working on is creating a timeline for the big day. This will be done with the consultation of the vendors involved to ensure that everything goes on without a hitch. Since the Day of Coordinator is not acting in the capacity of a planner, it means they cannot vouch for the professionalism of the vendors that the couple has already selected. This means that the couple should not blame any hitches that occur due to a vendor’s negligence on the Coordinator. This is clearly quoted in the Day-Of Contract that is signed before the partnership.  The couple should also be able to let all vendors know that the coordinators job is to streamline everything and thus work willingly with them.

On the Day of the wedding, the Coordinator will make sure that everyone is following according to the set timeline, and that is everything is flowing smoothly. In short, the Coordinator acts as a point person between the venue, the vendors and even the guests. The idea is that no one bothers the couple with questions because the coordinator can handle it.

Remember, a Day-Of Coordinator is also an affordable alternative to a full service wedding planner, and something that all couples should definitely consider.

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