Wedding Bouquets Outside The Box!!

Ever asked yourself why Brides carry a bouquet of flowers with them on their wedding day? One could try as say that it gives her something to do with her fidgety hands but the truth is that it is a tradition that has been passed down from older generations, albeit for the wrong reasons.

In the 15th Century, June was the month when most couples would have their weddings. This was because the Annual Bath day would be in May. Normally every household would have a big tub filled with hot water and the annual bath day would commence with a dip by the Man of the house, followed by any male members of the household, they would then be followed by the ladies of the house and lastly the babies in the house would take a dip. So by the time a wedding was taking place in June, the members would be relatively clean especially the head of the household who took the first dip. To ward off any ghastly scents, the bride carried a bouquet of flowers with her as a form of perfume. Crazy…right?

Back from the 15th century to modern days, Bouquets are more sentimental since women tend to associate flowers with affection especially if they are gifted by a loved one. Just as the Bouquets true meaning has changed, so have the bouquet designs changed over time.

If you are planning for your wedding, then think outside the box and go for a bouquet that not only speaks of the affection you share with your man but that also speaks volume on your personality. Check out these unique bouquet designs and let us know what you think about them and which one you would go for.

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