Planning for your perfect wedding can be strenuous and very time consuming. This is why most couples opt to get a wedding planner. I once saw someone on social media ask why they need a wedding planner to help them plan THEIR own wedding, Key word here being THEIR wedding. I will not dwell on why you should get a wedding planner and on what to look for in one as you make your decision but for tips on that you can check out this past article, Wedding Planners: Their roles and what to look for in one.

Today, what I will be dwelling on is tips for those couples who are looking to plan their own wedding. At times due to financial constraints or because they are not too busy, a couple may decide to plan all the details of their wedding. How does one go about it? Here are some tips from a former bride.

  • Hire a Day-of Coordinator: If you are going down this road of planning your own wedding, then it means you have decided not to have a Wedding Planner. A Day-of Coordinator will be very important for coordinating everyone around on that special day. As a bride or groom you will not have the time to be up and down to be coordinating everyone and thus the importance of having someone do it for you and you only get to pay them for that one day.
  • Write down the Non-Negotiable things for your wedding: This are the kind of things that you will want in your wedding at all costs and you will not negotiate it at all costs. You can term them as your main priorities.
  • Food: For food the rule is to ensure that the food is good and that the food is enough. PERIOD
  • Pay people to do stuff that you don’t need to worry about: If you can pay someone to execute those little things that need to be done, then do it. Do not stress yourself trying to pull off some D-I-Y that will give you sleepless nights. If you have to, delegate tasks and avoid the unnecessary hassle.Plan1
  • Learn to say NO: If there are things that you do not want at your wedding, don’t let others force them down your throat. Say No and get to enjoy your day as you exactly want it. It is your day and it will only happen once so don’t let it get diverted to the wishes of others.
  • Try to find a balance between what is Trendy right not and what will be Classic forever: This is not easy but it is very important. Trends will come and go and what might look great now will not be the same a couple of years down the road. This is a day that you want to remember for the rest of your lives and if you can get that classic look for your wedding then it will immortalize that special day for the rest of your life.
  • Clean Up crew: Think beyond the wedding day to what will happen to the mess after the event. Some venues have crews who will do this as part of the venue package or for an extra fee. Ensure that you know what will happen afterwards so that you or your family are not stuck cleaning up after a long hectic day.
  • Lastly, Have fun: Be present in the moment. Eat with the guests. Dance to the music. Live in the moment and don’t let this special day zoom past you. ENJOY THE DAY!!

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