When I was in campus and a certain club wanted to have an event, they would advertise their meeting on the notice board. The greatest catch-phrase that would not miss from that advertisement would be “Refreshments Available”. This would guarantee a massive event turn up even if the crowds motives were only stomach based!

In our African culture, we can all agree that food plays a major role in our unification. There is no serious event that will be held in the absence of food. Sitting down and eating together creates a sort of bond and the event ends up being a success. This is the truth even in Weddings. That is why getting the right caterer for your wedding is also very key to the success of your wedding. So how do you go about selecting the right caterer for your function?Food5

  1. First, Figure out your budget: Know what you are willing to spend. This informs you on the companies you can afford to hire and also helps caterers to tweak their proposals to your needs. This will also help you to operate from within your means.
  2. Pick suggestions from your venue: Some venues have a list of preferred caterers, which is a good place to start off from. This does NOT limit you to having to work with them.
  3. Scout around for multiple proposals: This will help you compare and contrast the cost, service and menu options. Be very specific in your demands. Let the caterer know the number of guests you are expecting and what theme your wedding will be taking.
  4. Enquire about Linens and dinnerware: Some caterers offer the food without the dinnerware and thus it is important to know about it before hand.
  5. Pay close attention to your interactions with them: How the caterers will treat you as a client is very important. They might offer great food but if they keep getting your event details wrong, or are slow in getting back to you then you can cross them off your list of vendors. Attention to detail is very key to getting a successful wedding.
  6. Arrange for tasting: If you have never had the caterer’s food before then try and plan for a tasting. If you know the caterers beforehand then you can skip the food tasting.
  7. Try and get reviews on the caterer: Before you sign the dotted line, talk to friends, family and previous clients who have used their services before. Get to know details of their services before you make that deposit.
  8. Sign the contract: After creating a final proposal, now you can sign the contract. This can be followed with a tasting of your full wedding menu as you expect it on the wedding day.

Finally, enjoy your food!

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