The weather of late has been very unpredictable. At least in Kenya, it has been. One moment it is all blue and the sun is shining down on you strongly and then before you know it, the clouds rush in and all of a sudden you are running to look for shelter from the heavy downpour.

The good thing about the weather is that it is no respecter of persons or status and thus if it decides to rain or shine it does so to all around.

This also applies to the couples looking forward to having a grand wedding day in this wishy washy weather. It doesn’t necessarily mean that because the weather is undecided that you cannot come prepared to have a great day.

Usually when a couple plans for their wedding, they have an emergency plan for their guests just in case the weather decides to take an unexpected turn. But one thing they never prepare is their bridal party.

Yes! These are the people expected to be part of your great day yet, they are not adequately dressed for the weather. The ladies and the brides are usually the most affected since they work with the “Freeze & Shine Mentality”. By this I mean that they tend to think that for them to look awesome on that day, they cannot wear anything on top of the fancy wedding dresses.

The truth is that you do not need to dress down to look fab on your wedding day. What if I told you it is possible to dress up for your wedding day and still come out of that day looking like royalty? Still don’t believe me? Check out the following pictures for photographic evidence.

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