The rainy season is here with us. (Okay, partly). It might be every bride’s nightmare but this does not mean that weddings cannot go on. What it means is that we have to find ways of “Water-proofing” our weddings. This means that as a couple, you will have to find a way to ensure that your guests enjoy your wedding despite the wet weather. Here are some tips to ensure that your big day is not ruined by the weather.


  • Plan for Shelter– When planning out how your day will work out, always take the possibility of rain into account. Ensure that if you are planning on having a Garden wedding that you also have a plan B that can accommodate all your guests just in case the skies open up.
  • Choose the right flooring– If you plan on having your wedding in a gazebo, then invest in wooden flooring to make it easier for your guests to walk in with any type of shoes.


  • Remember the Umbrellas– Ensure you have enough umbrellas for you and your wedding party. If you can get spare umbrellas for the guests who need one then get them.
  • Plan for the Photos– Make a wet weather plan for the photo session. Ask your photographer to get creative and think about different options before the day itself. All in all, seek to see the silver lining and enjoy the less glaring light that the rain provides.


  • Weatherproof your wedding dress– Try and minimize the damage if you are donning a long gown by opting for a dress with an underskirt that can be hooked up to protect the top skirt.
  • Enjoy the Weather- Think about what really matters. This is about the two of you sharing your big day with family and friends and not even a storm should ruin that!!

So smile through it all and ask the DJ to play Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and dance the day away!!

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