Weddings would not be what they are if the bride and the groom just walked down an empty, lonely aisle and said their vows in front of an officiant. There is joy in having a crowd of witnesses to see you two taking the biggest step of your lives. It’s a great joy to be declared husband and wife and to celebrate with the rest of the world that you have achieved a new status on that day. This is where Wedding Invitations come in.


It is not enough to just drop the invite in the middle of a conversation with your friends. It is mandatory (kinda) to send your family and friends an invitation to the big occasion. Let them join you as you say I do and dance the day away as you celebrate your new found status.

Here are some tips on how to invite your wedding guests in style:

  • Have a Vision– It is very important to know in your mind what kind of cards you want to have as a couple. The first question every designer will ask you is what exactly you are looking for. Gather Inspiration by checking out the internet and even sites like Pinterest will have great ideas that you can customize to make your own.


  • Find the right Designer- Once you have identified what you want, it is very important to look for someone who understands your vision. This will help avert any potential disasters.
  • Know Your Colors- Consider your color scheme for the day and maybe try to incorporate them into the invites. Be sure to keep readability in mind as you choose your colors. Don’t sacrifice readability for pretty; otherwise you will have killed the purpose of the invites.


  • Choose Your Wording carefully- Learn the rules when it comes to wording an invitation. Normally, whoever is hosting is listed first on the invitation. Spell out everything that you want the invitee to remember.
  • Don’t Crowd the Card- List only the key points in you invitation i.e. Ceremony time and location, the hosts, the couples names, the dress code (Optional) and the RSVP information.


  • Start Early- Aim to have your cards out and ready to mail six to eight weeks before the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, have your cards out even earlier, like ten to twelve weeks before the wedding.
  • Consider the Costs– The price per invite will vary widely depending on the design, ink, typeface, printing process, paper and quantity. Research your options ahead of time and pick your priorities.


  • Triple Check the Proof– Before printing, the designer will send you a proof. Check the proof thoroughly before you okay it. Pay special attention to details like date, time and spelling. Do it carefully so that you don’t accidentally gloss over any mistakes.
  • Invite as per Household and NOT every guest– Send only one invitation per family and also for couples.
  • Always order extra– This will be cheaper than going back to print more invitations later on. This will really come in handy in case you have to resend an invite for any reason.


Lastly, remember to keep it personal. Whatever you decide on as an invitation let it fully express your personality as a couple.

Your wedding invitation is your guests’ first peek into your wedding day, so you definitely want to make it shine.

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