A vow is a solemn promise that one makes, committing themselves to an act or a condition.


Since time immemorial marriage vows have always been a part of each and every marriage ceremony. It is a tradition that has been honored from past generations to date because of its importance.


It is during this time that a couple makes a pact to each other. It is in essence the creation of a covenant bond between the two, declared before God and a company of witnesses.


Despite it being a solemn affair, it is also a very romantic affair that can be further spiced up. No matter how you phrase it, remember that it must come from your heart and you must mean it.


How do you write your wedding vows? Here are a few tips.

  • Read dozens of vow examples for inspiration
  • Agree on the formatting as a couple
  • Reflect back on your relationship and draw your inspiration from your past experiences as a couple.
  • Write it down, lest you forget.
  • Take out anything that might sound embarrassing.
  • Keep it short. Let it be between one to two minutes maximum.


The best tip ever is to just keep it real, let your heart speak for itself and enjoy it!


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