Planning a wedding is just like planning any other event. Vendors will let you down, budgets will be stretched, guest will not RSVP on time and the weather will definitely be unpredictable, but there are some common mistakes that couples make as they plan for their big day that can be easily avoided.  Here is a heads-up of some of this common mistakes and how to give them a wide berth as you plan for your perfect wedding.

  1. Leaving all the Paperwork procedures until the last minute.

A wedding is not a wedding if you do not have a marriage license. Different countries have different marriage license laws and every couple planning on having a wedding should know how to go about the legal procedures. As a couple it is important to have a discussion with the presiding officiant early on to determine what needs to be signed and when.


  1. Making plans without having a set budget.

Picking a wedding venue and getting vendors without having any financial parameters is very risky and a mistake that most couples make.  The three first issues that a couple should deal with and in this order is Budget, Guest list and Venue. Your budget will define your options and will greatly inform all your decisions. Draw a clear budget that will ensure all areas are covered and thus you do not end up using money at things you were not prepared for. Sit down together and before you begin any planning and determine what you think your budget should be and where your funds will go to.

  1. Planning for the wedding without having a Guest list.

Your Guest list will determine your catering bill and also your ceremony seating arrangement. You shouldn’t make any decisions before you have your wedding guest list firmly in place. Once you’ve discussed numbers with your fiancé and families, then you can move forward.


  1. Trying to lose weight before your final fitting

This usually affects the ladies more than the men. After finding the wedding dress of your dreams, of course it is normal that you will want to wear it at whatever cost even if it happens to be two sizes smaller. Crash-dieting to fit into your wedding dress usually is a course that ends in disaster.

Find a gown you love and order it in your current size. If you want to work on your, just be sure to make your goals manageable (toning up but not dropping 20 pounds, for instance).

  1. Booking the Wedding venue too late

Wedding venues are often in high demand and some can even be completely booked out a year or two in advance. Try booking your wedding venue as early as you can so that in the case that it is not available you still have time to get another venue.


  1. Drastically changing your appearance.

A new hairstyle or even a new color may really suit you but you may want to reconsider doing it just before your wedding. It might turn out to be your best decision or even your worst. Your wedding will be visually documented so be very careful before you make a massive change to your appearance and you end up regretting it.

  1. Letting others run your wedding.

Advice may come from pushy in-laws or know-it-all relatives in regards to decisions for your wedding. While some couples may appreciate friends and relatives making suggestions, sometimes this can become overwhelming and can make couples question what they had originally planned to do. Avoid this situation by having a rough idea of how you would like your wedding to be like and although this may change over time, at least you will still be getting what you want. After all it’s your day, and you can choose to do whatever you want!


  1. Not having a Weather- change plan.

Rain on an outdoor event is usually a huge game-changer. Do not be tempted to hope that it just won’t happen. Have a good plan B and think of the emergency tents as an investment to your peace of mind.

  1. Allocating enough travel time between venues.

Traffic jams will always show up when you least expect them. Always factor in extra time to get from venue to venue. Add 10-15 minutes for travel time, just to be on the safe side.


  1. Not doing Trials before.

For hair and makeup, it is important for one to have a trial to ensure that they know the outcome on the wedding day. This is because at times the hair style and makeup style we might have in mind may not be the best fit for that specific bride.

  1. Planning a Party that is too-long.

It might be the event of your lifetime, but it really shouldn’t last forever for everyone. According to industry insiders, a five-hour reception is the maximum of what people can enjoy and still walk out laughing.


  1. Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Things may not be going according to the plans you have been planning for months, But who cares? You’re marrying the love of your life! Don’t get too wrapped up in the details that you lose focus from the celebration of your wedding.  It’s really hard to have fun and be present in this once-in-a-lifetime moment if you’re worried about the flowers not being exactly teal!

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