Every bride deserves to look flawless on her wedding day. This is the day that you will have the attention of hundreds of people all day. It thus becomes important for one to start preparing for their perfect look months in advance. Indulge yourself a little, book some massage and facial sessions and the most important is investing in great waterproof mascara (for when the waterworks come calling, ha-ha). Here are some tips to getting ready for your big day.

Start by working on your Skin- Begin by getting a skin-care routine that works for your skin type. Be diligent and disciplined in this. Get regular facials that will help enhance your skin’s texture and create a good base for makeup. Schedule at least three monthly treatments to help firm your complexion.


Schedule a Trial Run- Some brides prefer to do their own makeup but majority of the brides want a pro to do it for them. When getting a makeup artist, try and find someone who understands your style. See if you two can work well together to create the look that you are after. Book at least six months prior to the wedding and also perform a trial at least 2 months to the day. This helps in the planning and gives you a sneak peek into how you want to look.

Consider the weather- If your wedding will be taking place in a warm region, consider using as many oil-free products as possible.

Ensure your Makeup is done as the last thing- On your wedding day you want your makeup to hold through every activity and to the end of the day. The way to do this is by starting off by using primer after cleansing and moisturizing. Foundation then tops it to create a smooth base. Ensure you apply everything in thin, even layers.

wedmakeup5Conceal any dark circles and last-minute breakouts- Ensure you get a good concealer to do this perfectly. Add some staying power to it by topping it with translucent powder.

Try and stick to Neutral colors for the big day- This is not the day to experiment on various looks. A look that never fails is radiant skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips and slightly defined eyes. Avoid dark lipsticks as they create a gothic look in the photos, unless that is the effect you are actually after.

Go for Glowy skin- Control shine by dusting translucent powder across the forehead, sides of the nose and on the chin. Follow this up with a soft highlighter on the temples and tops of cheekbones. Go for a sheer look that shouts Natural.


Waterproof Mascara is NOT negotiable- This is not even up for discussion. Why you ask?? You will thank me later. Trust me. If you are a big crier kindly steer clear of false lashes.

Keep it simple when it comes to the Nails- Go for natural looking nails. Bright nails tend to distract from the beautiful white gown, plus if they chip they are more noticeable as opposed to natural nails. Stick to softer shades for the day.

wedmakeup6Have a Touch-up Kit close by- Please do not think that your initially well-applied makeup will last for eight hours. The kisses, smiles, tears and hugs will bring about some fade. Have a touch-up kit with the essentials to help deal with the fade. You can also ask your groom to carry your lip gloss in his pocket for you. Make sure its shade is similar to your lipstick. It will aid in quick and easy touch-ups.

Schedule ample time for the makeup session- Avoid last minutes rush and add a few more minutes to your preparation time. Whatever you project your makeup application to take, add 30 mins to that.


The most important thing as you work towards getting your perfect wedding look is keeping it simple. Let that be your guide as you prep for the big day.

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