Accessorizing your Wedding Gown

“Accessories are the exclamation mark to a woman’s outfit”. This is a saying that could not be any truer, especially when it comes to one being the perfect bride. It is not just enough to get the perfect wedding gown if you will not accessorize it accordingly. Accessories are the little bits that transform an already elegant outfit into a dazzling unforgettable fashion statement!

On your wedding day, do not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter. Accessories can help you dazzle your guests. Despite making you look outstanding, your accessories can also be used to express your personality. This is because depending on how a bride chooses to accessorize, it will be a bold statement to the world about what she likes and thus feels comfortable enough to show it.

Bridal accessories are varied and they will all depend on a bride’s interest. Today we will focus on accessories just for the dress and we will tackle the rest on a later day.

Wedding veils and headpieces– You can use an elegant veil or richly-embellished bridal headpiece to enhance the beauty of your wedding dress. Headpieces range from combs, clips, pins, flowers, headbands and Tiaras.

Bridal overskirts- They are usually detachable and make it easy to go from ceremony to reception with elegance. They help transform your wedding dress into a unique masterpiece that is yours and yours alone.

Wedding dress straps and sleeves- Add the coverage and flair you want in a simple and stylish way by the use of wedding dress sleeves and straps. You can play around with detailed lace or delicate beading to create a refined and sophisticated look.

Wedding dress sashes and belts– Sometimes it’s the little details that can make all the difference. A sash or a belt with rich embroidery, glittering crystal beading, and dainty flowers will definitely add the perfect dazzling finish to your wedding day glamour.

Wedding jackets, shawls and capes– Complete the elegance and romance of your perfect wedding day ensemble with flowing wedding cloaks and capes, or a lovely lace wedding shawl.

As you shop around for the perfect accessories, remember that the key is to reflect your personal style whilst creating an unforgettable statement!!

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