Happy New Year to you all. I hope you are looking forward to this New Year just like I am.

After the short break, I guess it is time for us to get back to learning more on the Wedding front. Our first article this year will be on getting the perfect clothes for your groomsmen.


Gone are the days when mentioning a groomsman elicited an image of a guy in an ill-fitting suit that he was sure to grow into with time. The days of old boasted of an all suited up, predictable,  formal lineup that at times wasn’t all that appealing to the eye especially if the suits had to fit into the wedding color scheme in a way.

Nowadays, people are overlooking the suited look and being creative in their choices. If one still opts for suits, then the look is a sleek one that is well fitting and very appealing for the visual aspect.


Ranging from African wear, tuxedos, suits, bow-tie looks, casual wear the list of grooms wear attire has grown and makes it much easier for the groomsmen to enjoy the wedding and still look stunning while at it! Check out the trends below and have your pick or customize it just to fit your desires!


Happy New Year from us here at Bridal Heaven Kenya.

Bridal Heaven Kenya, Your One Stop Bridal Blog!


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