It’s finally your wedding day and from the car you can hear the song that the bridesmaids selected, being played for them to dance into the venue. You take a closer look at yourself in the mirror and you are sure that you look fabulous! Besides, it is your day and that means you really do not care how anyone else looks lest they detract the attention from you. You alight from the vehicle and shuffle your way to the venue entrance. The decor people did a lovely job but what catches your attention first is how your bridesmaids look. They look so dull and drab and you can already see your photoshoot going down the drain!

Having a perfect wedding is not just about getting a perfect looking bride and groom but even the bridesmaids need to look perfect. As a bride you should never be afraid of your bridesmaids stealing the attention from you. You already secured a lot of attention by inviting people to your wedding!


So how do you go about choosing the perfect bridesmaids attires? There are some factors that you will have to consider as you mull over the kind of dresses your girls should get.

  • The wedding theme: What is your wedding theme? What is the style of your wedding dress? Is your wedding a beach wedding, is it rustic or vintage or is it likely to take an African twist? Start by clarifying this in your mind so as to have a preamble on what to work with. Ensure that the vibe of the bridesmaids’ dresses is in the same line.


  • Your diverse bridal party: Most likely the girls in your lineup all have different body sizes. This means that some designs will fit some well and not so perfectly on others.


  • Finances: Considering that the bridesmaids will have to pay for their own dresses, it is important that you try and look for dresses that will be cost-friendly especially if the designs are too complex to be worn on another occasion.


  • The Color: Not all colors portray everyone in a good light. So what are the colors you are working with? To aid in this you can even decide on a two-color pallet for the dresses and everyone can pick a color that suits them.


  • The season and time of day: If it’s a warm season, it’s important to get dresses that your girls can easily breathe in. If the wedding is an evening affair, then get funky dresses that will look dazzling at night and still look good enough for the wedding.


Lastly, Remember, it’s your day. Don’t succumb to pressure to make everyone happy because that is impossible. You should keep an open mind and be understanding, but your bridesmaids are there to support you and should (ideally) work with your vision. Be flexible (to a point). Most bridesmaids would like to have some input on what they will be wearing, but too many opinions can make the whole process miserable. To work on general ground and to also give your girls a bit of say in what they wear, you can pick the color and fabric; each girl can decide on the style most flattering for her body type.




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