Wedding Planners: Their roles and what to look for in one.

You attend a friends wedding and everything seems perfect. From the
church setup, to the rustic vintage feel at the reception and the
evening party that seals the deal for you. It all leaves you
watery-eyed and hopeful that you will soon meet your Prince charming
and get to experience the same feel that your friend had as she
effortlessly glided through the perfect day. It will be so easy to
replicate such a beautiful day, right? WRONG!!


Planning a wedding is not easy. The results may seem so beautiful and
perfect but it takes a lot of hard work to plan a successful wedding.
Behind the picture perfect day,  there are usually disappointing
vendors, broken relationships, financial issues and unfulfilled dreams
that are not visible to the observers eye. Some couples prefer to plan
their own weddings in a bid to save the extra cash and also as a way
of trying to achieve their perfect wedding. Other couples are just too
busy to deal with the rigors of planning their wedding and thus opt to
get a wedding planner who will do all the hard work for them.

The main role of a wedding planner is to make a couple’s special day
beautiful, memorable and stress free as possible. Wedding planners act
as confidants, psychologists and mediators. They are the voice of
reason and calm throughout the planning process. This is usually very
important because during this time couples are high-strung due to
excess pressure and they need someone to help them not lose their
cool. Successful wedding planners are driven by passion for what they
do.Their enthusiasm and passion allows them to deliver.


What to look for in a wedding planner.
*A good networker
*A good budgeter
*A good negotiator
*A visionary individual/ A constructor of dreams
*A punctual person
*A problem solver who can think quickly on their feet
*Good planning and organization skills
*A good reputation
*A good sense of style, color and music
*Knowledge on different cultures, religions and customs
*Ability to design and coordinate a wedding day
*An individual who knows what to look for when reviewing vendor contracts
*One who can get you the best service for the lowest price.
*Someone who can be a good sounding board and a punching bag


Wedding planning is all about a couple knowing what they want for
their wedding and being able to execute it accurately. It is about
getting to live their dreams for this memorable day that comes once in
a lifetime. Wedding planners can help make this process easier but
only if couples make an informed choice. Get the right wedding planner
and start your journey to your Perfect Wedding!


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