Importance of Engagement Shoots

In the words of Eudora Welty, “a good snapshot keeps a moment from
running away.” I really couldn’t agree more with her. Photographs help
capture moments that will soon be gone forever. They help immortalize
memories that we would love to remain alive with us. Photographs are
the best way to carry forward past moments into the future with us.
This applies to all memories: Births, First milestones, burials and in
our case: Engagements.

Having found our lifelong partner and making that decision to spend
the rest our lives with them is a moment that we will never forget.
That moment when a guy proposes and the lady accepts is a memory that
should be immortalized. This is not only for the couple to remember
but so that the generations to come can also see where it all began.
What are some of the reasons that make people take engagement photos?

a) It gives the couple a chance to sample their photographer- Most
couples usually have both their engagement and wedding photos taken by
the same photographer. Taking professional engagement shots helps the
couple create a rapport with the photographer and thus feel at ease
working with them.

b) Couples use them to tell their love stories- They will pick
locations or activities that have meaning to their story and thus be
able to show the world through images their story.


c) For Wedding purposes- Pictures taken during the engagement shoot
can be used for the wedding program and invitations.

d) To capture the historic chapter in a couples life-Photographs are
not just for now but for the rest of our lives. It’s important for
couples to seek to preserve this moment that literally changes the
course of their lives.


  Do’s for an Engagement shoot
* Try to plan for your shoot immediately after your engagement. This
will ensure the mood Is captured in the photos.
*Always vet your photographer before hand to ascertain if they can
deliver what you seek.
*Pick a photographer that you click with, trust and generally feel
comfortable to be around.
*If you plan on using your pictures for the wedding, ensure they are
taken early enough before the rigors of wedding planning take over.
*Let your personality as a couple show through. This will be done
through the choice of your locations, outfits and props.
*Don’t be afraid to get creative. Choose activities that represent you
as a couple.
*Ensure your outfits are comfortable and simple.


Engagement shoots are supposed to be FUN! So relax, don’t take it too
seriously,  have fun and let your photographer do the rest!

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