The Origin of Engagement Rings

He finally popped the question! He went down on one knee, proclaimed
his undying love for you and asked you to be his partner for life. You
stared at him and with tears flowing courageously said YES! The whole
restaurant burst into cheers when he placed the ring on your finger
and you raised your hand to show off the glittering engagement ring.
You left the restaurant with a spring to your step, humming to
yourself the line in Beyonce’s Single Ladies song, “If you like it
then your sure to put a ring on it”. Even as you look forward to
flaunting your ring, you can’t help but wonder about the origin of
Engagement Rings.

The giving of engagement rings dates back to Ancient Egypt. The ring
was then just a simple circular band that was said to symbolize an
eternal cycle. It was worn on the 4th finger of the left hand where it
was believed that led straight to the heart a.k.a Vena amoris.


Engagement rings were also known as Betrothal rings. The word
‘betrothed’ is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, ‘troweth’ which
means truth. Therefore a betrothed couple shared a ‘truth’ or a
‘pledge’ to marry. The ring thus served as an outward sign to others
that the woman was promised to another.

Then came the Middle Ages when Pope Innocent III came up with a
mandatory waiting period between betrothal and marriage, which we know
as the engagement period. This waiting period was important as it gave
room for the solving of any legal problems that might arise for the


Over the years,  engagement rings have changed from simple bands to
rings set with precious stones like Sapphires,  Rubies,  Tanzanite,
Emeralds,  Diamonds and Pearls. Through all these changes the ring
still remains a symbol of dedication and love.

Engagement rings are sentimental objects and the gesture behind them
is even more beautiful.  Despite all this,  not having one does not
negate the love and dedication between partners.  To wear or not to
wear an engagement ring is a decision that only a couple can make. Its
presence or lack of it thereof, doesn’t change a thing.


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