Is there a Perfect Wedding?

The day was finally here! This was the day that Carol had been longing
for. In a couple of minutes she would be saying “I DO” to her Prince
charming. He looked perfect as he smiled at her as she walked down the
aisle with her parents,  but that was all that was perfect.

A quick sweeping glance at the room’s decor confirmed that it was not
what she had paid for. The drapes were not the shade of teal that she
had asked for, the flowers were not fully bloomed meaning they were
not visible And she didn’t even want to think about the music she was
walking to because it was definitely NOT her taste!

She could feel her smile drooping and her mood taking a turn for the
worse as her picture perfect Wedding remained just an illusion.

All ladies look forward to a perfect wedding that will guarantee the
memorable day is ingrained in their history books. But the question
remains, Is there a Perfect Wedding?

Yes. Perfect Weddings do exist and their rarity call for accurate
measures to achieve them.  One needs adequate preparation and the
right people to execute what is in a couples mind and turn it into a
tangible reality.

That is our goal at Bridal Heaven Kenya.  We will walk with you every
step of the way to ensure that you are well informed on how to come up
with the wedding of your dreams.  Be educated on the latest wedding
trends and meet reputable service providers in the industry.

Remember, If you can see it in your mind then you can achieve it. Let
us help you materialize your dreams and make your perfect wedding a

Bridal Heaven Kenya, Your one-stop wedding shop!


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